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Letters to Ministry of Tribal Affairs

SNo. Subject/Issues Document

Letter to Minister for Tribal Affairs sent on 19/07/2011 wrt to the 5th Annual Report 2009-10 vide DO No. 4/2/11-Coord. dated 20/07/2011

(96.35 KB), Annex (94 KB)

Letter to Minister for Tribal Affairs wrt to the Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill, 2011 and Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Bill 2011  vide DO No. NCST/2008/REHAB/01 dated 29/11/2011

(2.77 MB), Reply (37.65 KB)

Letter sent to MTA, MHA, MEA, Min of Labout Employment wit reference to good governance of Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Areas/Tribal Areas - approach to ILO convention

PDF (613.25 KB)

Letter to Minister for Tribal Affairs sent on 18/06/2012 wrt to the Special Report titled "Good Governance for Tribal Development and Administration" vide DO No. 4/1/12-Coord. dated 20/06/2012

(80.82 KB)

Letter to Minister for Tribal Affairs sent on 01/09/2012 vide DO No. Policy4/DEV/(FRA)/MTA/2012-RU-II regarding the guidelines for implementation of the ST and other Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Act, 2006) issued to the concerned States/UTs, vide their letter no. 23011/32/2010-FRA.

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DO letter no. 16/18/Review/Monitoring/Singrauli/Anuppur/2012/RU-III dated 03/10/2012 sent to Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan (Chief Minister, MP) , Shri Jairam Ramesh(Minister of Rural Development) , Smt Sonia Gandhi(Chairperson, National Advisory Council) , Shri K L Bhuria(Member of Parliament) , Shri Bisahu Lal Singh(Member of the Legislative Assembly) , Ms. Brinda Karat(Member of Parliament) , Dr. Mustaq Mansoori(Member of State Working Committee) regarding critical issues concerning tribals relating to the acquisition of land and R&R programme for setting up of large projects in Madhya Pradesh.

Annexure (756.96 KB)

Letter to Minister of Tribal Affairs sent on 01/11/2012 vide DO No. CP/NCST/2012/MTA/298 dated 31/10/2012 regarding setting up Land Banks comprising of lands resumed by the Govt. to prevent alienation of the land in cases of mortgage default by the ST and consequent sale by Banks of their land to non-tribals. 

(45.36 KB)

Letter to Minister of Tribal Affairs sent on 07/11/2012 vide DO No.  16/07/M/OAgriculture/Review/2012/RU-III dated 07/11/2012 regarding meeting with the officials of the Ministry of Agriculture on 30/10/2012 to review implementation of the Tribal Sub-Plan and safeguards provided for STs

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Letter to Minister of Tribal Affairs vide DO No. 11/3/Karnataka/ 2008/RU-IV dated 19.11.2012 for necessary action after the assessment of the NCST with regard to the implementation of various development schemes and safeguards concerning the STs in the State of Karnataka.

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Letter to The Secretary (Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Shastri Bhawan) vide File No. 15/11/WCD(ICPS)/2012/RU-III dated 20.12.2012 regarding Memorandum for Expenditure Finance Committee on the Scheme Integrated Child Protections Schemes in the 40th Meeting of the Commission.

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