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Policy Issues

Sl No. Subject/Issues Remarks
1 Enumeration of Migrant STs (158 KB)  
2 R & R in Mining Related Projects (372 KB)  
3 Implementation of Forest Right Act (355 KB)  
4 Amendment of Forest Right Act (270 KB)  
5 Amendment of Land Acquisition and RR Bill (1.5 MB)  
6 Consultation on Policy Related Issues (279 KB), (See Annnexure) (167 KB)  
7 Clarification of MTA regarding Dhanka in Rajasthan (364 KB)  
8 Suggestions of the Commission on Mines & Minerals (Dev & Reg) (1.6 MB)  
9 View of the Commission on Strengthening of Central Zoo Authority (398 KB)  
10 National Integration Council - Material furnished (428 KB)  
11 Min. of Law reference to Cabinet Secretary regarding consultation with Commission on MMDR Bill-2010 (139 KB)  
12 Draft National Foof Security Bill - 2011 (147 KB)  
13 Draft Mines and Minerals (Development &Regulation) Bill, 2011 [MMDR Bill-2011] (523 KB)  
14 Views/Comments of the NCST on the Delhi Commission for Sheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes Bill, 2012 (506 KB) Policy-4-Delhi-2012-RU-I
15 Restructuring of National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (NMDFC) - Comments thereon - Proposal of Ministry of Tribal Affairs (203 KB) Policy/6/Dev/MoMA/ 2012/RU-II
16 Memorandum of Expenditure Finance Committee on restructuring of Multi-sectoral Development Programmes - Proposal of Ministry of Minority Affairs (164 KB) Policy/5/Dev/MoMA/ 2012/RU-II
17 Setting up Land Banks comprising of lands resumed by the Govt. to prevent alienation of the land in cases of mortgage default by the ST and consequent sale by Banks of their land to non-tribals (45.4 KB) DO No. CP/NCST/2012/MTA/298
18 Proceedings of sitting by the Chairperson NCST on 22/05/2013 in connection with review of system/procedures with regard to processing of cases pertaining to inclusion/exclusion of communities in the ST List (147 KB) 17/5/Inclusion/2013/RU-III
19 Inclusion of Bhuinya\Bhuiyan\Bhuyan Communities as synonyms of Bharia Bhumia listed at Sl. No. 5 in the list of Scheduled Tribes in Chhattisgarh (53.7 KB) 17/10/Inclusion/2013/RU-III
20 Comments on the Recommendations of the Standing Committee on the MMDR Bill (101 KB)  

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