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Investigation Report Received during 2005-06

S.No Case File No. Complainant City/State Police Inves-tigation Relief & Rehab. Measures Status Of Prosecution
1 AP/ST/5/2006/ Atrocity/RU-IV Dr. M. Babu Rao

E.Godavari ,AP

Report - Not prosecuted
2 Orissa/ST-8/2006/Atrocity/ RU-III Smt. Kalpana Singh

Mayurbhanj ,Orissa

Report - Pending in Court
3 Orissa/ST-2/2006/Atrocity/ RU-III ETV Oriya news

Sambalpur ,Orissa

Report - Pending in Court
4 Jharkhand/ST-1/2006/Atrocity/ RU-III Sh. Virbhadra Prasad Singh

Bokaro ,Jharkhand

Report - Not Finalized
5 CG/ST-2/2006/ Atrocity/RU-III Press News

Raipur ,Chhattisgarh

Report - Not Finalized
6 AP/ST-21/2005-Atrocity-RU-IV Sh. Shanker

Mahaboob Nagar ,AP

Report (208.37 KB) Not prosecuted
7 AP/ST-9/2005/ Atrocity/RU-IV Sh. Balaji


Report - Pending in Court(PoA)
8 A&N/ST-2/2005/Atrocity Sh. Samir Acharya

Port Blair ,A&N

Report - Not prosecuted
9 Maha/ST-1/2006 -atrocity/RU-IV Sh. Niranjan Bhanu Masram

Kelapur, Yavatmal, ,MH

Report - Pending in Court
10 AP/ST-4/2006/A trocity/RU-IV Sh. Anjaiah Raghu Naik

Mahbub Nagar ,AP

Report - Not Finalized
11 Maha/ST-4/2005 -Atrocity-RU-IV Sh. Dharma Nago Meshram

Yavatmal ,MH

Report - Not prosecuted
12 Karnataka/ST-3/06/Atoricty-RU-IV Sh. T. Murali Krishna

Tirupati ,AP

Report - Not finalized
13 CG/ST-1/ 2006/Atrocity Shri Mabel Rebello

Jashpur ,CG

Report - Pending in Court
14 Chhattisgarh/ST-7/2005/Atrocity Shri Kuwar Pushpender & Others

Champa ,CG

Report - Not prosecuted
15 CG/ST-3/ 2006/Atrocity Shri Lalit Kumar Ekka

Pathalgaon, Jashpur ,CG

Report - Pending in Court
16 Chhattisgarh/ST-5/2005/Atrocity Shri Sukhdev Ram

Belar Gaon, Dhamtari ,CG

Report - Pending in Court
17 Chhattisgarh/ST-8/2005/Atrocity Dr. L.S. Uday

Chirmeeri, Koria ,CG

Report - Not prosecuted
18 Chhattisgarh/ST-3/2005/Atrocity Shri Sivbir Singh Dohan

Raipur ,Chhattisgarh

Report - Not prosecuted
19 Chhattisgarh/ST-6/2005/Atrocity Press Clipping

Raigarh ,Chhattisgarh

Report (169.52 KB) Pending in Court
20 Chhattisgarh/ST-9/2005/Atrocity Press News

Rajnad Gaon ,Chhattisgarh

Report - Pending in Court
21 Chhattisgarh/ST-10/2005/Atrocity Shukuntala Toppo

Jashpur ,CG

Report - Pending in Court

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